Carousel Photo Studio

The excellence achieved in our studios is unmatched, and equally remarkable is our ability to provide over 200 perfected, high-quality pictures of a vehicle in under 4 minutes. These images not only enhance your website with interactive media but also seamlessly export to all third-party platforms as you drive out. Our media production machine operates tirelessly, 24/7, rain or shine.


Before the installation process commences, we will have collaboratively coordinated with your vendors to facilitate the configuration of inventory imports, exports, scripts, and internet requirements. This ensures a seamless transition to production following the installation phase.
Your role in this process is straightforward—simply allocate the required space. Whether it be your parking lot or an empty area within your premises.
Our skilled building team will arrive equipped with metal building materials if on your parking lot, they will proceed to construct the building directly on your existing concrete or asphalt surface. Subsequently, our dedicated studio construction team will take charge, assembling your studio from the ground up within our newly built metal building or inside your space.
Following the structural setup, our training professionals will step in. The installation team will be responsible for setting up computers and cameras, ensuring precise calibration, and conducting training sessions for your team. This comprehensive approach guarantees a smooth transition into immediate production, allowing your operations to commence seamlessly.
space for studio
Provide a 30'x 30' space within your facility.
We can customize to fit smaller spaces.


metal studio
We can construct a 30' x 30' metal building on your parking lot.
It will occupy approximately 8 parking spaces.
build studio
We build our studio in your facility
Includes installation of flooring, carousel, walls, power door, ceiling, lighting, cameras, computer, exterior metal cladding and control center
install equipment
Our training team will install computers, our 5-camera system, and train your personnel to start production


Think of our studio as a streamlined media production process. Upon driving in and initiating the launch, the power door seals shut, the carousel rotates, a sophisticated 5-camera system captures images, the media is swiftly uploaded, and within a concise 1 minute and 20-second cycle, the power door opens for your exit. This level of automation not only enhances time-to-market but also elevates the quality of presentation, all while maintaining effortless operation.
photo studio drive in
Drive-In Push button, Pictures Captured, Drive-Out
photo studio rotate
Studio automation
200+ pictures, 360 spins and an interior panorama in 1 minute and 20 seconds.
HD Viewer Gadget Display
Media displays full screen on your website
Compatible with all devices


  • Marketing
  • Gif Testimonial
  • Gif Share
  • Custom Media
  • HDViewer
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Planning
  • Post Production
  • Duplicates
  • Storybook
  • AiCrop
  • Window Stickers
  • Integrations
  • Background Replacement