We build this...
If you have space
we build our studio inside your facility
If you don't have space we place a metal building on your parking lot and build our studio in your metal building
...to create this.
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if your pictures look like this, you're selling more cars too!
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Studio quality results in a high
volume production process
We build this...
...or this...
...to create this.
  • Internal studio example
  • Metal studio example
  • Bluebentley
Studio quality results in a high volume production process
Dm landing bottom
Get a Dealermade Photo Studio!
What we build
Terrain studio
Provide a 30'x 30' space within your facility.
We can customize to fit smaller spaces.
Studio 3d metal
We can construct a 30' x 30' metal building on your parking lot.
It will occupy approximately 8 parking spaces.
See an example
Build photo studio 3d
We build our studio in your facility
Includes installation of flooring, carousel, walls, power door, ceiling, lighting, cameras, computer, exterior metal cladding and control center
Build studio 3d
Our training team will install computers, our 5-camera system, and train your personnel to start production
We have been using the photo studio now for almost 2 years. We average 30 units per day. It works extremely fast, and all the photo uploading is automatic. The process has allowed us to get full 360 degrees shots of the vehicles and perfect pictures, it's tremendously helped streamline our process. Dealermade's customer support is quick and responsive, 10 out of 10, best photo booth on the market.

Art Mellody

Paragon Honda, Queens NY
How to operate
Photo studio 3d drive in
Drive car in
& Press Launch
Photo studio 3d rotate
Studio automation
120+ pictures, 360 spins and an interior panorama in 1 minute and 20 seconds.
Media layer on gadgets
Media displays full screen on your website
Compatible with all devices
We have grown by over 55% this year and Dealermade was part of this result. We started with the 250 per month program and have grown into the 1,000 per month plan. We love all the enhancements that you’re continually adding to your software and studio. You are part of the Findlay family.

Doug Fleming, GM

Findlay Chevrolet, Las Vegas NV
The staff at Dealermade are very helpful and quick to respond. By installing a Dealermade studio we were able to go from two stand-alone studios, manual photos and uploads, down to one automated studio, with limited manual entry, and increase the number of vehicles processed by 50%. The photo quality is excellent and the software includes a duplicate feature so you can save time and resources on duplicate vehicles. We’ve integrated the studio into our centralized reconditioning process.

Susan Johnston, VP Marketing & Communications

Media Produced
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120+HD Pictures
High, Mid, and Low HD 360 spin views
Ultra-zoom inspections
Interior panorama
Youtube Videos
120 plus 480
120+HD Pictures
High mid low cam
High, Mid, and Low HD 360 spin views
Ultrazoom 480
Ultra-zoom inspections
Interior cam 480
Interior panorama
Youtube example 480
Youtube Videos
How it works
Dealermade structure
Say Goodbye to Parking Lot Pictures
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