Dealer Photo Studio

A Dealermade Photo Studio is a tool that provides consistent lighting, surroundings and equipment to create quality pictures and video. Our 18' diameter car and truck carousel (turntable) for car dealers, rotates up to 30,000lbs enabling our system to photograph a compact car to a crew cab dually truck.

Know Your Facts

FACT #1 - If you don't have pictures on ALL of your vehicles, you're NOT selling the non-pictured vehicles. Common sense demands that if you are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new or used vehicle, you want to see the real pictures! Stock pictures will not win the battle against your competitors who display pictures of the actual vehicle.

FACT #2 - Great pictures bring a higher value on vehicles. If you have a parking lot picture and your competitor has a studio quality picture... which one will the visitor drive to see first? Which one will they be willing to pay a higher price for? Take great pictures consistently and your reputation of having extra clean vehicles will increase and you will maximize sale values. 

FACT #3 - Cars sell ONLY when they are ONLINE. If you don't have a vehicle online, it's not for sale. If you can place vehicle online IMMEDIATELY after taking pictures, the average dealer will gain 2-5 days of additional selling time—it's like adding days of selling time to every month.

Live by these simple facts, and your sales will increase.

TEST - Look at your site... How many cars have pictures?

Subtract the vehicles without pictures and count up your "real" inventory available to sell. Now add up how much non-pictured, low quality, or slow-to-publish vehicles cost you each month? These are the primary reasons WHY you need a photo studio, the question is... "can you afford not to picture every vehicle consistently with great pictures INSTANTLY".

Now that the 800lb. gorilla is vividly clear - let's discuss the solution.

How Does it Work

Automated Post Production & Instant Publishing Services

Our studio will spin a vehicle within a perfect environment and create quality pictures. Our automated Services produce three types of media from the studio (360 Spins, Close-ups & Video) and will post the media in real time to the web. That's it... perfect pictures in 3 types of media posted immediately to the web.

How does it work? 1. Drive vehicle onto carousel 2. Scan VIN 3. Take interior pictures (auto uploads via WIFI) 4. Exit booth, push "start" button 5. When door opens drive out.

What happens when the "START" button is pushed? Our server shuts the door, turns on the back lights, spins the carousel, takes 360 videos, stops the carousel at the exit point, turns everything off, opens the door and automatically processes your pictures and places all of the media on the web immediately.

What do you mean immediately? We mean it will show in real time, instantly, right now, in other words as you drive off you can see the results in your media layer.

What is a media layer? The example above (upper left corner of this website page) is a media layer. This is a script inserted in your website that will display on the detail page of the vehicle and enable media to display in real time.

Video will display in the media layer and it will also display on AutoTrader,, YouTube and on your Facebook account with customized intros and exit reels.

How Much Does it Cost

for a studio, equipment, services, 360 spins, pictures and video with instant processing!

Much less that your non-pictured, low quality, or slow-to-publish vehicles.

We offer a PARTNER PROGRAM It requires $0 capital expense. Dealermade constructs a photo studio at your facility, inside your building, and provides all equipment and post production services for a flat monthly fee. - Now pictures can be taken 24/7, rain, shine or snow!  - Space needed (approx. 30'x30')

Photo Studio includes Full installation of lights, diffuser ceiling, photo booth walls, painted floor and walls, accent lights, power vehicle entry door, motorized car carousel (turntable), cameras, scanners, servers, equipment and automated services to provide a turnkey photo studio.

Tier I
Studio & Services—125 VINs We install a studio at your facility and provide all services for up to 125 processed VINs per month for a flat monthly fee.

Tier II
Studio & Services—250 VINs We install a studio at your facility and provide all services for up to 250 processed VINs per month for a flat monthly fee.

Tier III
VIN Studio & Services—Unlimited VINs We install a studio at your facility and provide all services for unlimited VINs per month

Options Metal Building - We build a 30' x 30' metal building with a entry door and a 12' vehicle entrance door on your location and/or parking lot.


Photo Booth Principles

Perfect Lighting, Every Time

Rainy day pictures are uninviting and cloudy pictures are dull, so we bring the perfect lights, diffusers, and position it all for you, to create the pefrect lighting on every shot.


Do you enjoy seeing your photographer in the paint? How about your neighbor's billboard in the background? Neither do we! Our photo studio creates an environment that keeps the focus on the vehicle and lets every detail shine.


How long does it take to manuever your vehicles into position? Do you turn the vehicle to face the sun? The Dealermade Photo Studio can take, process, and upload 80+ images, a full 360 spin, and video with perfect lighting at every angle, in less than 6 minutes—drive on to drive off! How's that for effeciency?

Invest in a Dealermade Photo Studio to control the quality and speed of the process with this new technology

Metal building stats:

Building only. Dealer responsible for slab, electrical, insulation, air conditioning or heat. We recommend a window A/C unit by the entrance door with a barrel fan to circulate air.

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