Dealer Photo Studio

A Dealermade Photo Studio is a tool that provides consistent lighting, surroundings and equipment to create quality pictures and video.

Photo Booth Principles

Perfect Lighting, Every Time

Rainy day pictures are uninviting and cloudy pictures are dull, so we bring the perfect lights, diffusers, and position it all for you, to create the pefrect lighting on every shot.


Do you enjoy seeing your photographer in the paint? How about your neighbor's billboard in the background? Neither do we! Our photo studio creates an environment that keeps the focus on the vehicle and lets every detail shine.


How long does it take to manuever your vehicles into position? Do you turn the vehicle to face the sun? The Dealermade Photo Studio can take, process, and upload 80+ images, and a full 360 spin, with perfect lighting at every angle, in less than 6 minutes—drive on to drive off! How's that for effeciency?

Invest in a Dealermade Photo Studio to control the quality and speed of the process with this new technology

Metal building stats:

Building only. Dealer responsible for slab, electrical, insulation, air conditioning or heat. We recommend a window A/C unit by the entrance door with a barrel fan to circulate air.

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