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A Dealermade Photo Studio is a tool that provides consistent lighting, surroundings and equipment to create quality pictures and video.

Staging quality pictures consists of three primary factors.

  1. Lighting The lighting must be right, if outside it must be in the morning or evening on a clear day to get the right light, if inside lights must be positioned properly, specific bulb types and filtering must be installed.
  2. Surroundings Surroundings provide the complimentary reflections and the setting for the vehicle.
  3. Time It takes time to manuever a vehicle into each position to create the pictures and maintain continuity in all of your pictures.

Dealers that achieve this goal are required to make heavy investments in all three categories, especially time. But volume can make the process unmanageable. The Dealermade Photo Studio is the solution, it creates an envionment with proper lighting and filters, reflective walls. Our carousel will turn your vehicle into each shooting position, speed the process, maintain consistentcy and create the ability to produce 360 Tours.

Invest in a Dealermade Photo Studio to control the quality and speed of the process with this new technology

Start with a 30'x30' area and we do the rest!

What do we install?

A fully functioning photo studio, complete with a carousel for the vehicle which is capable of turning up to 30,000 pounds. We arrive with the tools, construct the studio, paint the walls, hang the lightbank, install the carousel, deliver the camera, computer, monitors, and pre-installed software. When we leave you are trained on the software, taking pictures, video, and uploading the results to the web.

What is needed?

  • A 30'x30' area is preferred, however, we can work with various sizes. The minimum is 24'x24' if you want to turn full-sized trucks. A smaller size can be accomodated, but it will limit the size of vehicle you can turn.
  • Two 115v dedicated electrical circuits — one for the motor, and one for the lights.
  • Use of a scissor lift is required during installation

Don't have the space?

We can install a metal building on your parking lot to house the studio. More info

System Includes:

  • (2) background Walls (28' each)
  • (2) reflective walls w/12' powered roll-type door (28' each)
  • (1) 18' diameter carousel w/30,000 lb capacity
  • (1) Fixed ramp
  • (1) 80 bulb T5 lightbank and wall-to-wall diffuser
  • (1) Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR
  • (1) Adjustable handled Camera Grip
  • (1) Memory chip, cables and accessories
  • (1) Computer
  • (1) Flat-screen monitor
  • (1) Photo editing software with batch processing
  • (1) Video editing software

The Dealermade Photo Studio enables creation of 40+ pictures and a full-turn video in 6 to 10 minutes.

Metal building stats:

Building only. Dealer responsible for slab, electrical, insulation, air conditioning or heat. We recommend a window A/C unit by the entrance door with a barrel fan to circulate air.

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